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Getting started

Follow these simple 4 steps to start your experience in Castellers of London.

1. Join a rehearsal

Just pop by to one of our rehearsals and we will get you sorted to start your castells experience. It's that simple!

2. Attend the induction

We take safety very seriously, and there are some basic rules to follow when taking part in building castells. Whichever your position, it is very important to bear in mind some safety measures. The Technical Team (TT) will make sure you get all the essentials.

A participation form will also be provided to you by a member of the TT on your first rehearsal. It will provide our TT with the essential information for you to take part in the structures and get you on our insurance coverage scheme. Fill it in and you will be able to start taking part right away.

3. Equipment

You will need to bring a couple of things to the rehearsals:

Talk to the TT to borrow a faixa, and you can get your own whenever you wish.

4. Enjoy!

Building castells brings people together and is strongly based on teamwork. You will have the opportunity to be part of a big family that enjoys castells, but also gathers for group meals, trips, races and more.

What about kids?

Always safety first!

Our Canalla Team will ensure that children climb in the safest way.

Besides, we enforce the highest safety standards by using helmets and giving a proper induction to kids and their parents.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to the head of the TT, our Cap de Colla, regarding any concern you may have.

Become a member

If you are a regular and want to perform with us, it is time you became a member!

As a member of CoL, you will get an official shirt and will be able to officially perform as part of the colla in big performances.

Besides, CoL is an association governed by its members. Depending on the membership tier you join, you will be given a voice in decision making, and you can become part of the governing bodies: the MC and TT.

Becoming a member of CoL involves a fee payment. This is devoted entirely to funding the insurance scheme, as well as basic equipment acquisition, rehearsal space rent, etc. For more information, talk to any member of the MC.

Also, children under 10 get their membership for free!

And loads more!

Music 🎶

Do you like playing music?
Castells is an activity that requires musicians for the performances.

Have you ever heard of gralles?
CoL also has a Musicians Team that rehearse regularly to play this challenging instrument. We also have a tabal, a traditional drum, that accompanies the gralles.

If you are interested and want to take on the challenge, don’t hesitate to join!

Safety 🔒

Are you a first aider? Or have you thought of becoming one?

Safety always comes first! We always need someone with first aid knowledge at rehearsals.


Are you passionate about communications or social media? Are you a designer?

We promote our activities through different channels and try to promote our performances with posters and social media content. Join our team to get CoL known to the world!

Merchandising 👕

Would you like to help with the merchandising activities?

Our merchandising team make sure we have a stand at each performance, and they also ensure member shirts are always ready for new joiners.

Social Events 🎉

Would you like to gather around a table and have a nice meal with your fellow castellers? Or have a fun day out?

We meet regularly for meals on performance days or for other activities throughout the year, like trekking routes, races, laser tag, etc.. Social events are organised by volunteers, so you could help finding a venue, organising gatherings, etc.


… literally any other thing that you can think of to help run CoL or have fun with others in the group!

If you feel that you could help improve anything, approach any MC member.